Fully Funded Nursing Scholarships for Africa 2024/2025

The pursuit of a career in nursing is a noble one, offering the opportunity to make a significant impact on the lives of others. However, for aspiring nurses in Africa, financial constraints can often be a barrier to achieving their educational goals. Fortunately, numerous fully funded Nursing scholarships exist specifically to support students in Africa who are pursuing degrees in nursing.


This article explores various fully funded scholarships available for students in Africa who are seeking to enter the nursing field during the 2024/2025 academic year.

Fully Funded Nursing Scholarships for Africa 2024/2025

The nursing profession plays a vital role in healthcare systems across Africa. However, a shortage of qualified nurses persists in many countries. Fully funded scholarships in Nursing can provide a crucial pathway for aspiring nurses to pursue their education and contribute to improved healthcare outcomes.

Understanding Fully Funded Scholarships

Before delving into specific opportunities, it’s crucial to understand what constitutes a “fully funded scholarship.” These scholarships typically cover a wide range of expenses associated with education, including:

  • Tuition fees
  • Living expenses (housing, food)
  • Travel costs (flights, visas)
  • Health insurance
  • Books and study materials

By covering these expenses, fully funded scholarships allow students to focus on their studies without the burden of financial worry.

Types of Fully Funded Scholarships for African Nursing Students 2024/2025

Fully funded scholarships for nursing education in Africa come in various forms, each with its unique set of benefits and eligibility criteria. Here’s a breakdown of some common types to consider for the 2024/2025 academic year, along with examples:

  1. Government Scholarships:

These are usually offered by national governments of African countries or foreign governments with a focus on African development. They often prioritize students willing to work in underserved areas upon graduation.


The Nigerian government’s Merit Award Scholarship for Studies in Science and Technology offers financial support for undergraduate studies in science fields, potentially including nursing programs for qualified applicants.

The Moroccan Agency for International Cooperation (AMCI) Scholarship awards scholarships to international students, with potential opportunities for African students in nursing disciplines depending on specific program offerings.

  1. University-Based Scholarships:

Provided directly by universities or colleges in Africa or abroad. These scholarships might target students from specific African countries or regions.


The Aga Khan University School of Nursing (East Africa) offers a Mastercard Foundation Scholarship program that provides full financial support for outstanding students from Sub-Saharan Africa, potentially including nursing students.

The University of Cape Town (South Africa) offers the Donald Gordon Medical Scholarship, which could provide full funding for exceptional African students pursuing healthcare qualifications, including nursing.

  1. NGO Scholarships:

The scholarships are usually awarded by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with a mission to support healthcare education in Africa. These scholarships might target specific areas of nursing practice or promote service in rural communities.


The Florence Nightingale Foundation offers a variety of scholarships for international nursing students, with potential opportunities for African candidates. Eligibility criteria and focus areas vary depending on the specific scholarship program.

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The African Health Organization (AHO) Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to African healthcare students, with potential support for nursing education depending on the scholarship program offered in a given year.

  1. Private Donor Scholarships:

These are funded by individuals or foundations with a philanthropic focus on supporting nursing education in Africa. Eligibility criteria can vary depending on the donor’s specific interests.


The Nelson Mandela Scholarship supports postgraduate studies for Africans in various fields, with potential opportunities for exceptional students pursuing Master’s degrees in nursing specialties.

Here are some additional examples of Fully Funded Scholarships for Nursing Students in Africa for the 2024/2025 academic year:

The Mandela Rhodes Foundation Scholarships:

These prestigious scholarships support postgraduate study at the University of Oxford or Rhodes University in South Africa. While not exclusively for nursing students, Mandela Rhodes Scholarships are a great option for high-achieving African students who want to pursue a Master’s degree in a nursing specialty.

The Lester and Margaret Young Scholarship in Tropical Medicine:

This scholarship is offered by the University of Edinburgh and provides full funding for a one-year Master’s degree in a tropical medicine-related field, such as infectious diseases or public health. This could be a good option for nurses who want to gain expertise in tropical medicine, which is a critical area of need in many African countries.

The Agnes Schwartz International Scholarship for Women in Healthcare:

This scholarship is offered by the University of Toronto and provides full funding for a Master’s degree in nursing or a related field to a woman from a developing country.

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at The University of Edinburgh:

This program offers fully-funded scholarships to talented students from Africa who are passionate about making a difference in their communities. The program is open to students pursuing a variety of degrees, including nursing.

The DAAD Helmut-Schmidt Scholarship Program:

This program is offered by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and provides full funding for a Master’s degree program in Germany. A number of universities in Germany offer Master’s degrees in nursing, so this could be a good option for nurses who want to study abroad.

Remember, these are just a few examples, and there are many other scholarships available. The best way to find a scholarship that is right for you is to start researching early and to apply to as many scholarships as you are qualified for.

Eligibility Criteria: Fully Funded Nursing Scholarships for Africa 2024/2025

While the dream of becoming a nurse and contributing to Africa’s healthcare landscape is inspiring, securing a fully funded scholarship requires navigating specific eligibility criteria. Here’s a breakdown of the key factors to consider for the 2024/2025 academic year:

Academic Requirements:

  • Academic Record: Expect to demonstrate strong academic performance in your previous studies, typically reflected through transcripts. This might involve achieving a minimum GPA (Grade Point Average) or excelling in relevant science and math courses.
  • Standardized Tests: Some scholarships may require scores from standardized tests like SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) or ACT (American College Testing) if applying for programs abroad.

Citizenship and Residency:

  • Nationality: Scholarships might be restricted to citizens of specific African countries. Double-check if your nationality aligns with the program’s target beneficiaries.
  • Residency: Some scholarships might have residency requirements within a particular African country for a set period.

Field of Study Focus:

  • Nursing Program Focus: This is a non-negotiable criterion. Ensure the scholarship is designated for students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) or an equivalent accredited nursing qualification.

Work Experience (Optional):

  • Prior Healthcare Experience: While not always mandatory, some scholarships might give preference to applicants with demonstrable experience in healthcare settings. This could include volunteering at clinics, assisting healthcare professionals, or holding entry-level positions in hospitals.
  • Work Commitment: Specific scholarships might come with a post-graduation work commitment clause. This could involve serving in a rural or underserved area for a set number of years after completing your nursing education.
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Additional Considerations:

  • Language Requirements: For programs offered in English, proof of English language proficiency through tests like TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System) might be necessary.
  • Proof of Financial Need: Some scholarships prioritize students with demonstrable proof of financial need. Be prepared to submit documents that verify your financial situation.
  • Age Restrictions: There might be minimum and/or maximum age limitations for eligibility.

These are general guidelines. Eligibility criteria will vary significantly between scholarship programs. Always refer to the official scholarship website or contact the program provider directly for the most up-to-date and precise information.

Tips for Strengthening Your Application

  • Research Thoroughly: Don’t limit yourself! Explore a variety of scholarship opportunities, meticulously comparing their eligibility requirements.
  • Meet All Requirements: Carefully review and fulfill all mandatory criteria. Missing crucial documents or not meeting minimum academic benchmarks can lead to disqualification.
  • Highlight Relevant Experience: If prior healthcare experience is considered, showcase it effectively in your application essays or personal statements.
  • Demonstrate Financial Need: If applicable, provide compelling documentation to substantiate your financial limitations.
  • Prepare for Standardized Tests: If standardized test scores are required, invest time in adequate preparation to secure competitive scores.

By thoroughly understanding eligibility criteria and strategically preparing your application, you can significantly increase your chances of securing any of the fully funded scholarships for Africa and embark on a fulfilling journey as a nurse in Africa.

Navigating the Maze: Application Process for Fully Funded Nursing Scholarships for Africa 2024/2025

Securing any of the fully funded scholarships for nursing students from Africa requires not only meeting eligibility criteria but also navigating a well-defined application process. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the steps involved for the 2024/2025 academic year:

Research and Shortlist:

  • Scrutinize Scholarship Websites: Meticulously explore websites of universities, NGOs, government agencies, and private donor programs offering scholarships for nursing education in Africa.
  • Eligibility Match: Carefully compare your profile against the listed eligibility requirements for each scholarship. Shortlist only those programs where you demonstrably meet all the criteria.
  • Application Deadlines: Pay close attention to application deadlines. Missing deadlines can lead to automatic disqualification. Consider setting calendar reminders to ensure timely submission.

Gather Required Documents:

  • Academic Transcripts: Official transcripts from your previous educational institutions are usually mandatory. Ensure they are translated into English if necessary.
  • Standardized Test Scores: If required, obtain official score reports for tests like SAT, ACT, TOEFL, or IELTS. Submit them electronically or by mail as instructed.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Secure strong recommendation letters from teachers, professors, or healthcare professionals who can speak to your academic abilities, work ethic, and suitability for a nursing career.
  • Statement of Purpose/Personal Statement: This is your opportunity to shine. Craft a compelling essay outlining your academic goals, career aspirations in nursing, and how this scholarship aligns with your vision. Highlight relevant experiences and achievements.
  • Financial Need Documents: If financial need is a consideration, gather documents like tax returns or bank statements to verify your financial limitations.

Online Application Portal:

  • Create an Account: Many scholarship programs utilize online application portals. Register beforehand to access application forms and upload required documents.
  • Complete the Application Form: Fill out the application form meticulously, providing accurate and complete information. Double-check for typos and inconsistencies.
  • Upload Supporting Documents: Ensure all necessary documents are uploaded in the correct format and within the stipulated file size limits.

Additional Application Steps (if applicable):

  • Video Essays/Interviews: Some scholarships might require video essays or online interviews. Prepare thoroughly to showcase your communication skills and passion for nursing.

Submission and Follow-Up:

  • Submit Application Well Before Deadline: Don’t wait until the last minute. Submit your complete application well ahead of the deadline to avoid technical glitches or unexpected delays.
  • Confirmation of Receipt: Keep a copy of your application confirmation or a screenshot for your records.
  • Follow-Up (Optional): While respecting deadlines, a polite inquiry a few weeks after the application period closes can demonstrate your continued interest, especially if no confirmation is received.
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By following these steps and investing time in crafting a strong application, you can increase your chances of securing any of the fully funded scholarships for your nursing education in Africa. Remember, scholarships are competitive, so perseverance and a well-prepared application are key.

Finding the Right Scholarship

Finding the right scholarship can feel overwhelming, but with a strategic approach, you can navigate the abundance of opportunities for fully funded scholarships for Africa 2024/2025, and identify the ones that best suit you. Here are some key strategies to help you find the perfect fit:


  • Academic Performance: Be honest about your academic record. Strong grades are typically a requirement, but some scholarships might offer support to students demonstrating improvement.
  • Financial Situation: Assess your financial situation. Do you require full funding, or would partial support be helpful?
  • Career Goals: What kind of nurse do you aspire to be? Scholarships might target specific nursing specialties or areas of practice.
  • Location Preferences: Are you open to studying abroad or prefer programs within Africa?

Leverage Online Resources:

  • Scholarship Databases: Utilize scholarship search engines like WeMakeScholars, Scholarship Positions or After School Africa to explore options tailored to African students and nursing programs.
  • University Websites: Many universities maintain scholarship webpages listing opportunities for domestic and international students, including those specifically for nursing programs.
  • Government and NGO Websites: Government scholarship programs and healthcare-focused NGOs often offer scholarships for nursing education. Explore websites of relevant ministries, agencies, and NGOs in your country and across Africa.

Refine Your Search:

  • Keywords: Use keywords like “Nursing Scholarships Africa,” “Fully Funded Scholarships Africa,” or specific areas of nursing practice to refine your online searches.
  • Filters: Many scholarship databases allow filtering by criteria like country of origin, field of study, funding amount, and application deadlines. Utilize these effectively to narrow your search.
  • Read Application Requirements Carefully: Don’t waste time on scholarships you don’t qualify for. Scrutinize eligibility criteria to ensure you meet all the requirements.
  • Look for Scholarships with Specific Focus: Seek out scholarships designated for nursing students in Africa. These programs are likely to have a deeper understanding of your needs and aspirations.

Don’t Limit Yourself:

  • Apply to Multiple Scholarships: Increase your chances by applying to a diverse range of scholarships that align with your profile.
  • Consider Partial Scholarships: Even partial scholarships can significantly reduce your financial burden. Combine multiple scholarships if possible.

Quality over Quantity:

  • Research Thoroughly: Don’t just apply to every scholarship you find. Read scholarship descriptions carefully to ensure they align with your needs and eligibility.
  • Deadlines and Requirements: Pay close attention to application deadlines and meticulously gather all required documents well in advance.

Craft a Compelling Application:

  • Highlight Your Achievements: Showcase your academic excellence, relevant extracurricular activities, and any prior healthcare experience in your application essays.
  • Demonstrate Financial Need (if applicable): Provide clear documentation to substantiate your financial limitations for scholarships that prioritize students with economic hardship.
  • Express Your Passion for Nursing: Convey your genuine interest in the nursing profession and your commitment to contributing to Africa’s healthcare landscape.

Seek Additional Support:

  • Talk to Advisors: Connect with your school counselor, university advisors, or professors for guidance on scholarship opportunities relevant to your academic goals.
  • NGOs and Foundations: Contact NGOs or foundations with a focus on healthcare education in Africa. They might offer scholarships or have valuable insights into relevant programs.

Don’t get discouraged! Finding the perfect scholarship takes time and effort. By following these strategies and diligently searching for opportunities, you can increase your chances of securing the financial support you need to pursue your dream of becoming a nurse in Africa.


The path to becoming a nurse in Africa can be enriched by the opportunities presented by fully funded scholarships. By meticulously researching available programs, understanding eligibility criteria, and crafting a compelling application, aspiring nurses can unlock the door to financial support and pursue their educational goals.

These scholarships are more than just financial awards; they are investments in the future of African healthcare. By empowering bright and dedicated students to become qualified nurses, these programs contribute to strengthening healthcare systems across the continent. Imagine the impact – a new generation of nurses equipped with knowledge, skills, and a passion to serve their communities.

These Fully funded Nursing scholarships for Africa presents a life-changing opportunity for aspiring nurses in Africa. By diligently researching available options and ensuring you meet the eligibility criteria, you can increase your chances of securing a scholarship that empowers you to pursue a rewarding career in nursing. Remember, investing in your education is an investment in your future and the well-being of your community.


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